The Big Brother Naija Reunion show for season 5 Lockdown housemates kicked off on the 17th  June 2021 and has been full of so much drama, with housemates spilling secrets that happened behind the cameras and behind closed doors.

Let’s start with Dorathy and Prince. According to fans, Dorathy, through her stay in the house appeared calm, sweet, and was just a lovely person. Through their stay in the house Dorathy and Prince remained very close and were assumed to be such good friends, it seemed they had this kind of friendship that was rock solid and unshakeable. Dorathy even cried the day Prince was evicted and was sober for a while.

Oya naw… fast forward to the reunion show and fans couldn’t help but express their shock at some revelations. Dorathy stated during the show that friction started between her and Prince the day after they were engaged in some form of sexual activity, when Prince woke up and kept a straight face like nothing had happened before.

Prince, on his part, said he didn’t think there was anything to have been said after it all, and when asked to apologise, he refused.

LUCY, KA3NA, AND KAISHA also had a row on the BBNaija reunion show. According to Kaisha, Ka3na disrespected her mum during her birthday party. Her mum, who loved Ka3na, wanted to take pictures with Katrina and at some point, asked Lucy to tell Ka3na that she would like to have pictures with her. Lucy went to deliver the message to Ka3na, but might not have delivered the message well and so Kaisha’s sister had to be sent on the same errand when the mum hadn’t seen Ka3na come to her for the photos. Ka3na responded to the sister to tell her to come to her house to take photos with her.

Ka3na, however, defended herself on the show, saying she didn’t hear that it was Kaisha’s mum who wanted the pictures with her, rather she heard “manager”. She said she wouldn’t disrespect Kaisha’s mum as shes not that kind of person, but Kaisha said she didn’t believe Ka3na, adding that her sister clearly told Ka3na it was her mum who wanted the picture with her.

An argument ensued, and as it escalated, Kaisha asked that they dropped the topic, but Lucy still wanted to defend herself, leading further to more argument, and as it progressed, Kaisha threw a pillow at Lucy, and Lucy quickly responded by getting up and launching an attack at Kaisha and a fight ensued. However, the scene of the fight was cut, and then the program went on a commercial. Shortly after they returned, Lucy was seen, wig in hand.

Many fans reacted, asking for the full clip of the fight scene to be aired. The day after the scene, Lucy and Kaisha each had this to say:

Erica & Laycon: Non-fans of Erica have argued that a drunken and sober Erica share quite a lot in common, while others insist it is how she likes to express herself. Depending on which side you choose, the actress’s reaction to events leading to her abrupt exit from the show proved a few points.

While subtly berating Laycon, Erica recounted how hurt she was when she stumbled on videos of Laycon’s interviews and other clips from the time they were in the house. According to her, she felt very bad with herself when she watched video clips of them in the house, realizing that she had trusted Lsycon too soon, when she told others in the house that he was her best friend, and had her back, only to discover he wasn’t such a loyal friend.

Laycon had very little to say in his defense asides stating that he never watched any video of Erica apologizing plus he would rather be in conversations that promote his music.

Ebuka’s final words to toxic fans

The show ended with wise words from Ebuka directed to the fans. According to the media personality, toxic fanbases only taint the reputation of the show which is primarily about entertainment.

Story: Ene Ken-Yawe


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