Adesuwa Sonia, the wife of footballer, Jude Ighalo, has revealed some secrets about him, disclosing that his baby mama has dragged him to court over nonpayment of child support money to her for the child.

Adesuwa had previously made a post on her Insta stories, where she revealed that Jude Ighalo has 2 baby mamas, having recently welcomed a child with one of them, making his kids a total of 5, but has refused to pay child support money, and so, he has been dragged to court by one of his baby mamas.

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From Adesuwa’s Insta story

The footballer’s wife then shaded Jude Ighalo, saying he welcomed a child since February but has refused to pay child support money and isn’t honoring the court order, yet he’s flying a private jet and doing a giveaway as if he’s comfortable.

Adesuwa says she’s still legally married to Jude Ighalo and can take over everything if she wants. She went further to say that people dragging her for being pained should tell him to pay his baby mama’s child support money as she has taken him to court.

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Mrs Ighalo added that the fact that she can take care of her children doesn’t mean others can do the same, therefore Jude Ighalo should do the right thing and support his child and baby mama.

Footballer, Jude Ighalo, in what seems to be a reaction to Adesuwa’s post, wrote on his IG page today, 19th June, 2021 “You can never bring a good man down, who God has blessed no one can curse #itstoolatetofail”.

Minutes after Jude’s post went up, Adesuwa posted:

It is unknown what has triggered Adesuwa to carry out this exposé on her husband. However, the couple stopped following each other on Instagram over a year ago, after deleting each other’s pictures from their Instagram pages.

Story: Ene Ken-Yawe


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