Franklyn Amudo, the former manager of Oyebanjo Dapo aka D’banj, has come out to corroborate the claims of Seyitan Babatayo, the lady accusing D’banj of rape.

Ms Babatayo alleged that D’banj entered her hotel room in Lagos and raped her in December 2018.

D’banj’s former manager, Amudo has come out to say that he was aware of the alleged incident, thereby corroborating Babatayo’s claims.
In a video chat with Goldmyne TB, Amudo narrated how he got to know of the alleged incident.
He said, he was in Ghana with D’banj when Babatayo informed him of the alleged incident.

“The first question she asked was that ‘were you aware that D’banj was coming to my room?’ I said ‘No’ because first of all D’banj doesn’t even know my room, and he didn’t even lodge at Glee hotel,” Amudo said in the interview.

“That was when she made the allegation that D’banj came into her room and forcefully had carnal knowledge of her.”

“She sent it via voice note. I can even play it for you. When she sent it, I was disturbed. I called Chizzy and told him about it and we spoke,” Amudo also said.

As to why the former manager didn’t take up the accusation with D’banj himself, Amudo said it was because the music veteran was with his wife on the trip.

He did say he contacted one of D’banj’s close friends in Lagos, Aja Mohammed, who then told him the matter had been settled and Ms Babatayo had been given $100.

“I called Aja Mohammed in Lagos… He was like ‘Franklyn don’t bother yourself, it has been resolved’ that he had given the girl involved $100,” D’banj’s former manager said.

Amudo, in the interview, corroborated Babatayo’s claims that D’banj raped her, while the musician has continued to deny the allegation.

In now-deleted tweets, where Babatayo first accused D’banj of rape, she did mention the $100 which she said was given to her by the musician through her friend for medication.

“And he gave my friend 100 dollars to give me to take medication,” she tweeted.

She has since filed a criminal complaint against D’banj while the Inspector General of Police has called for an investigation into her alleged detention.

According to Pulse, Amudo was also said to have been arrested by the police on D’banj’s order although that has not been confirmed.

Story: Makcit Rindap

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