From generations to generations, the world has evolved and so have several items used from by people. As global civilization progresses, some things gradually fades from homes. Some household gadgets that used to be in vogue have been replaced with more simpler ones and are no longer in use. If you were born or grew up in Nigeria, some of these household items would definitely give you the nostalgic feeling. Some of such items that come tops on the list include:

  1. The Black and White TV
Old Black and White Television

In the 90’s, the black and white television was a great possession for families who owned one, but with time, it gradually became old-fashioned as the flat screen TV and plasma took over. The evolution of the black and white television moved very fast, from the regular box-shape with antenna that sometimes needed to be hit several time to get signals to the flat-screen colored LCD TV’s. Life moved pretty fast without any notice. In recent times, the black and white TV became a most sought for item especially in the south west region of Nigeria, where electronic contractors began searching the market and offering the sum of 200 ,000 naira per TV. A lot of youngsters have since searched their grandparents home to see if they can find one to sell.

According to some electronic dealers, there was a special way of confirming the authenticity of the television. A shaving blade was placed on the screen of the television, If the shaving blade magnetizes with the television screen that means it is genuine, If it doesn’t, the electronic contractor will not buy it.

2. Video Home System VHS Cassette

VHS Cassette

This was definitely the main item to enjoy a nice film as it was fondly called in the olden days. It always starts playing from where you stopped. This extremely old piece of item once contained favorite movies that could help you start a mini cinema back in the day. Unfortunately, almost every home have completely remove this black rectangular box of joy that used to be a very reliable method of watching movies, due to the advent of VCD players. Currently the VCD player is just an option to watch movies on your screen. Several alternatives like  Cable TV and movie streaming services could set your cinema experience rolling as no one cares anymore about owning a physical copy of a movie, especially with the vast library of streaming services available.

3. Land Phones

Land Phone

The Land phone is an ancient medium of communication that once used to be a great asset in homes especially for the rich and even in offices and public work places. With the Land phones, time was adhered to, as people who had family and friends overseas would stay close to the telephone whenever they were given a specific time to call or to receive a call. The Land phones have since been replaced by mobile devices that evolved over the years with more applications and functions.

4. Radio Cassette Player

Radio Cassette Player

Looking at this piece of item may bring memories to people born in the 70’s and 80’s. In Nigeria, the pure pleasure of listening to the sound from this device brought memories of old radio dramas. The radio cassette player had a specific location in the home. One fun thing about this device is that it allowed you to record on a cassette player while listening to an interesting piece, the sad thing is that it had no noise proof, so if you recorded your favorite music from the radio in a noisy environment, you were sure to hear every bit of that noise alongside your favorite music during a playback. In modern society, technology has moved the radio has moved from a static household item to mobile devices and cars.

5. Kerosene Lantern

Kerosene Lamp

Hardly will any person born in the 80’s and 90’s in Nigeria, not recognize this lamp. This lamp was a must have for most homes in the olden days because electricity supply was unstable. Even those who were wealthy enough to buy a generator had this lamp in their homes. The globe of this lamp was traditionally feared by kids born in the 80’s and 90’s when asked to wash it as it was very delicate and could break at the slightest hit or fall. The Kerosene lantern was a convenient form of light that served then until the era of rechargeable lamps.

6. Double Burner Stove

Double Burner Stove

This was the surest way to get a meal prepared in the olden days. This stove was surely a great help to mothers and wives back in the day especially to cater a larger family. The size and weight of this stove made it extremely stable in use, and the two burners allowed meals to be easily cooked with preference to cooking with one burner or using both.This vintage stove is lit on a saturated wick where kerosene from the valve controls the flow and fuels the fire. Sometimes you had to cut the burnt wick after prolonged use to achieve a blue flame. Currently, the gas cooker has taken over with variety of different designs.

7. Grandfather’s clock

Grandfather’s Clock

The old fashioned grandfather’s clock is known for its free standing and weighty look with the pendulum held inside the tower swinging from left to right and vice versa. The tall case clock is also know to make a loud sound at the top of every hour causing you to be aware of the time at that moment. In the early 2000s, the vintage clock gained prominence and became a sourced for item as it is made up of a metal with strong magnetic properties that can impair x-rays or other scanning rays. It is believed that anything concealed within the covering made from the pendulum of the grandfather clock cannot be seen by scanners because the magnetic property of the metal will block penetrating rays.

8. Grinding Stone

Grinding Stone

Before the advent of blenders and electric grinders, the grinding stone was a major tool in crushing tomatoes, beans and other foodstuff. New brides were given this item as a wedding gift. There was an old adage that you never grind an empty grinding stone, as it was believed to bring problems to the home of a person. However, many Nigerians believe that the stone also gave the food a special taste and flavour, different from those done with blenders today.

Story by : Osen Attah

Pictures: Pinterest, Imgbin.com, thecypheragency.com


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