Meet Maryam Kehinde Okesanjo, Click Naija Hero 2020

Maryam Kehinde Okesanjo is Click Naija Hero 2020 for contributing to making the lives of others better, during the COVID-19 Lockdown. She is a presenter and network newsreader at Radio Nigeria, Network Service. Maryam’s programmes are a toast to the listeners as she stamps her voice in their minds of the listeners with her brilliant presentation style. 

Maryam being presented the Click Naija Heroes Award by the Zonal Director, Radio Nigeria, Abuja Operations, Alhaja Sherifat Omolara Ahmed

She currently presents Radio Nigeria’s flagship programmes like Politics Nationwide, MANDATE STUDIO, RADIO LINK, and more, on the network service of Radio Nigeria. She also a regular feature in casting the news. MKO, as she is fondly called as someone who believes in education has Maryam obtained her Master’s Degree in Law (LLM.) at the University of Abuja.

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Maryam as a senior staff of Radio Nigeria was saddled with many responsibilities. She was on the Network News at 7 am back to back from March through till July 2020.  In the heat of the lockdown, she took risky steps to ensure she made it to the office regardless of the roadblocks. She waited extra hours to record other programmes that should go on air since many others couldn’t make it due to the lockdown. On a particular day during the Ramadan period in April, Maryam almost lost her life while driving back home as a result of fatigue. 

Maryam did programs on educating Nigerians on the safety protocols on how to prevent contracting the virus. She worked odd hours and used her car as another semi-mobile house while on the move. She is not just a broadcast professional, but also a teacher and a lawyer. 


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