Meet Sergeant Saka Umar, Click Naija Hero 2020

Sgt Saka Umar is Click Naija Hero 2020 for contributing to making the lives of others better, during the COVID-19 Lockdown. He joined the services of the Nigerian Police in 2008 on the rank of a Constable. He joined the Police Force because of the lack of a job but the passion for the job grew as he began work. 

Sgt. Saka Umar, being presented the Click Naija Heroes Award by the Zonal Director, Radio Nigeria,
Abuja Operations, Alhaja Sherifat Omolara Ahmed

He starts his day by 5:30 am and most times works on duty every day of the week from Monday to Sunday. Though he stands under the sun and other harsh weather, the passion for the job makes it something he looks forward to every day. 

As traffic police, Sgt. Saka faces the difficult task of controlling motorists some of whom would insult or intentionally break traffic rules. His secret is patience and politeness. He also employs his remarkable smile and wave of the hand to virtually every motorist that passes by while ignoring negative remarks.

His impact was felt during the phases of ease of lockdown where motorists trouped to the roads and there was jam-lock at different parts of town for weeks. He was called upon in many of cases where there was heavy traffic and he tried his best to coordinate to clear traffic without causing further chaos. He sees his job as rewarding because he can offer his service to humanity and people are happy.


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