Meet Wanda Ebe, Click Naija Hero 2020

Wanda Ebe is Click Naija Hero 2020 for contributing to making the lives of others better, during the COVID-19 Lockdown. She is the founder of Wanda Adu Foundation. A foundation focused on vulnerable, abused, and marginalized women and children especially those who are victims of sexual and domestic violence. 

Wanda, being presented the Click Naija Heroes Award by the Zonal Director, Radio Nigeria, Abuja Operations, Alhaja Sherifat Omolara Ahmed

The team led by Wanda Ebe sources support and provides food and security for vulnerable women and children and rescued victims of child trafficking and victims of assault and torture. 

In 2020 during the COVID-19 Lockdown, she intervened in at least 10 active cases of sexual abuse. She helped women in abusive relationships and help to mobilize shelter and nutrition support for them. She got calls to help rescue 2 women who were suicidal due to hardship as a result of the lockdown. One of them had drunk water with her children for 3 days.  

She supported at least 15 widows to set up a trade. Carried out nutrition and medical intervention for triplets at Bwari who had acute malnutrition and whose mother could not feed them. She gave out palliatives to women. Rescued boys from abusive guardians, from child labour and abuse. She has received threats to her life several times in the cause of rescuing the oppressed and abused.

She rescued a preterm baby during the lockdown, popularly known as baby Kosi whose mother was a drug addict and taken by Naptip for rehabilitation. On taking over baby Kosi, he was less than 2kg and had multiple infections, complications, and Jaundice. She was able to give care to baby Kosi for 6 months through help from social media and well-meaning Nigerians and today baby Kosi is alive and bouncing today.


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