The burial ceremony for Duke of Edinburgh-Prince Philip, who died on the 9th of April, 2021 at the age of 99, took place today, the 17th of April, 2021 at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in compliance with coronavirus restrictions.

Queen Elizabeth II, said goodbye to her husband of more than 73 years, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, at his funeral at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

In order to comply with Public health safety rules, the funeral was pared down, with adjustments including a limit of 30 guests at the church service. The Queen and the select family members in attendance all wore masks and were seated six feet apart in the chapel, with the Queen sitting alone.

Before the ceremony, the Duke’s coffin was moved from a private chapel in Windsor Castle to the castle’s Inner Hall, where prayers were said.

The funeral service lasted less than an hour. A choir of four sang music chosen by Prince Philip, but were some distance from the seated guests, in line with public health guidelines.

Princes William and Harry with their uncle, Prince Andrew as they followed Prince Philip’s Land Rover hearse to the St George’s Chapel. 

His coffin was draped with his personal flag, with his sword, a naval cap, a flower wreath — and a letter from his wife placed on top of the flag.

After Prince Philip’s casket was lowered into the royal vault, his many titles were proclaimed and a lament was played by a pipe major of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Story: Ene Ken-Yawe

Pictures: bbc.com/news/uk; CNN; NBC News; REUTERS.


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