Most markets in the Abuja metropolis are quite segmented with clear-cut demarcations to show customers the sections to get their required products and services.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus spreading to the major cities in Nigeria, market traders have employed strategy and creativity in their businesses by delving into new products that suit the demand of the time.

Hand sanitizers and face masks on display by traders in Garki Market Abuja

Some of such commodities which are now in high demand by most residents are hand sanitizers, face masks, hand gloves, and water dispensing buckets. A walk around Garki Market Abuja shows that these items have become commodities to sell by many who own shops in the market and even those ready to hawk them along the way. They have made a quick investment in the products and fast-selling them as well.

Hand sanitizers are seen displayed by traders of foodstuff, cosmetics, provisions, and even beverages. Many display them side by side their other items of trade. These items are sold by traders who have no idea of the content of the products except the fact that they will make a profit from them.

Traders in Garki Market Abuja, displaying their hand sanitizer and face masks stands

The traders happily display the hand sanitizers and face masks and even take a pose beside their items. Though many of them have obviously ventured into it for the quick financial benefit they will get within the time of pressing demand, they have somehow helped to fill the void of unavailability of these essential products in the face of a national health crisis.

Story: Ehizogie Ohiani

Pictures: Asmau Sani


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